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Camera Lens for Mobile.

If you want to build passion on photography and seems unaffordable to buy DSLR camera, why not change your phone setting by installation of camera lens? This makes taking photographs similar to that of a DSLR Camera.

Click a photo like that of a DSLR with your smartphone with singly attached smartphone gadget and enhance your photo quality. This can dramatically improve phone camera experience with highest quality lenses.

Some moment of life is valuable and worth capturing and storing forever. The best camera to capture photo is our phone. With the use of camera lens one can get the experience of taking photos with smartphone to new level. The new way of taking photo of high resolution any time at anywhere.

Mobile lenses come with telephoto lens, wide angle lens and macro lens. Get most out of your gadget and feel your phone into new dimension.

Telephoto, Wide angle & Macro Lens

The Telephoto lens makes you get close to distant image as possible, with their higher focal length, telephoto lenses let you zoom without compromising on the image quality.

Wide angle lenses add versality to your phone camera; These lenses are useful for capturing large crowds and easy to take selfie. It also increases the view range approximately by 40-60%.

The best way to get amazing macro photo with your phone is to invest few amounts of money on a macro lens that works specially with your phones. Macro lens comes normally with 10x to 15x. To take exclusive macro photo, just find a position that’s comfortable, fit your macro lenses, stay as still as possible and you are ready to go for the shot.

Pros And Cons of Lens


  • Easily fits in all smartphone both android and IOS
  • Comes with 3 sets (Fish-eye, wide angle and macro lenses) which make your camera fits into 3 different dimensions.
  • Affordable price and easy to use


  • Focusing of objects or targets at different range may be inconvenient to do simultaneously for the reason that one has to replace the lenses respectively.

5 Different Types of smartphone Lens Suggest.

Out bolt Mobile Camera Lens
Out bolt Mobile Camera Lens
(Image source: Amazon)

It comes in a set of 3 in 1 with super wide angle, 15x Macro lens and 198-degree fisheye lens of 0.58x. Clipping material is made of padded rubber with soft grip with not much risk of scratching your phones. These lenses are ready to go on every android and IOS devices.

SYL Plus Mobile Telescope Lens
SYL Plus Mobile Telescope Lens

(Image source: Amazon)

If you are facing problems to zoom wide range objects, SYL plus 12x zoom lens kit instantly converts your mobile phone camera into a telescope.

If you love video making it comes with a universal adjustable holder, making it easier and better to grip your phone. For a constant focus while snapping or taking clips it comes with a tripod which helps to avoid hand to shake while shooting a photo.

This mobile camera lens is for far distances object and will not be effective for close distance objects, it magnifies your mobile phone camera view by 12 times.

Teconica 12x Mobile Lens.

(Image source: Amazon)

To get an adjustable focus HD pictures, turn your smartphone into a camera with a 12-x optical zoom lens converts mobile into long range telescope plug.

Captcha 3 in 1 Mobile Lens kit

(Image source: Amazon)

It comes with a 3 in 1 lens kit compatible with most of the phones and potable to use. These includes 3 in 1 wide angle lens, Fish eye lens and macro lens. Enhanced 10X Macro Lens – Enables You To Shoot Photos At A Distance of 1.18-1.57m In From Your Object.

180°Degree Fisheye Lens Provides You Incredible And Dramatic Rounded Images.

SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide + Macro)

(Image source: Amazon)

It comes with 2 in 1 lens kit with 0.45 x wide and lens plus 15x macro. Capture now 15x macro image making it compatible and portable. It has a detachable clip with soft rubber ensures phone free from scratches.

Pure view 0.45X Wide Angle Lens- Capture 45% More view without vignetting, Laser Carved Convex lens is perfect for both Beginners and pro Photographers.

Super Max 15X Macro Lens- Now capture Macros while keeping more Object Area in the image.


Smartphones overall are a helpful invention, along with its basic functions such as, phone calls, voice mail, and text messages users can also take photos and share it in social medias. For a better picture quality a phone needs a better lens. If you want to take a picture alike professional spend some extra money and get a better lens for your phone.

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